Australian resortwear label Camilla has secured B Corp Certification with a maiden score of 88.4, passing the qualifying score of 80. 

It is also well above the overall median score of 50.9 for all businesses.

B Corporation Certification is a global framework that measures a company’s entire social and environmental impact across the areas of governance, workers, environment, customers and community. 

Camilla hit the largest score in environment, at 25.2, followed by workers (22.1), community (18.8), governance (17.7) and customers (4.3.)

“The urge to protect Mother Earth is embedded into our very soul,” founder Camilla Franks said. “B Corp Certification gave us a foundation to build on… a frame that gave structure and purpose to what we’d been weaving by heart. 

“B Corp Certification is the formal recognition of our fierce respect for our muse Mother Earth, and our unwavering devotion to protecting and nurturing our planet, its people and the communities we operate in. 

“It is the result of almost two years’ collective work by our teams worldwide, and the culmination of decades of commitment to conscious creation.” 

According to Camilla, the journey to certification was demanding, meticulous and thorough, requiring collaboration and commitment from the entire team - both locally across Australia and in India where much of its production is done.

The brand joins the likes of other recently certified brands in Australia, including MJ Bale and Modibodi.

“Mother Nature truly is the greatest muse,” Franks said. “We dance to the rhythm of her beating heart, and our ode to her plays through how we choose to live our lives with purpose, and through that we create.” 

Camilla operates over 20 boutiques across Australia and the United States. It is also stocked across 55 countries with over five websites globally.

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