Liquidators for an IT company are hoping to sell off its trademark to an unexpected sector: fashion.

Brooke Bird partner Adrian Hunter, whose firm is handling the liquidation of Uglii Corporation, is pushing for a fashion brand to swoop up the trademark.

"Unusual wordings, plays on words or plays upon spelling often find their way onto fashionable prints such as FCUK, Wtaps, Lettuce Turnip the Beet.

"It is in this world that we may find ourselves due to the potential for this trademark to find its way from the world of IT and onto the t-shirts of tomorrow's youth."

Hunter said the company is seeking expressions of interest for Uglii.

"To sell this trademark would not only see a return for thos creditors who have lost funds, but would also be a unique twist on thinking outside of hte box to generate an outcome from an unexpected source."

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