Boody has revealed a new underwear collection, made from organically grown bamboo lyocell fabric. 

The launch marks a significant achievement for Boody, as it is the first brand in Australia to offer bamboo lyocell underwear to the market. 

The fabric, dubbed Lyolyte (pronounced lie-o-light), is made using the closed-loop lyocell process. 

To create the fabric, raw organic bamboo pulp is dissolved using a non-toxic solvent and the cellulose that’s left is then pushed through spinnerets to reveal light, white lyocell fibres. 

These fibres are then spun into yarn and the entire garment is knitted in one piece, using a seam free technology to reduce waste.

Lyocell is one of the most sustainable fabric processes on the planet as it uses a closed-loop system that recycles 98% of the water used, requires less energy and water overall and with no need for harmful chemicals.

Speaking on the range, Boody said that it wanted to explore other lightweight fabric options for the new collection.  

"Boody has been championing sustainable fabrics and manufacturing since we launched in 2011 - we use organically grown bamboo yarn for our everyday items which include loungewear, sports and active apparel, pyjamas and baby clothing.

"Our design team wanted to create a new underwear range that offered a more lightweight fabric alongside our wider range of bamboo essentials (while still being sustainable), which led us to exploring the lyocell process.

"Like our current collection the underwear is breathable, moisture wicking and antibacterial, but it takes comfort to the next level with its lightweight feel and minimal seams to glide on like a second skin," the business said in a statement. 

Alongside being made from new material, the Lyolyte underwear range also introduces new styles to the business, including a high-cut bikini, hipster bikini, racerback bra and triangle bralette. 

The Lyolyte range is available now and retails for between $16.95 and $29.95. 

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