Ovarian Cancer Australia (OCA) has teamed up with Keep it Cleaner and undergarment brands Bonds, Bras N Things and Jockey to raise awareness and funds to support women living with ovarian cancer. 

In its second consecutive year, the 'Overies for Ovaries' campaign sees Keep It Cleaner co-founders and trainer Laura Henshaw, Steph Claire Smith and Danny Kennedy front the campaign in the 'Overies' undies. 

The Overies undies will be sold online and in-store by Bonds, Bras N Things and Jockey, with 100% of the profits going to OCA to support women living with Australia’s most deadly female cancer.

Over 1,500 women are diagnosed each year in Australia and one woman dies every eight hours from the disease - that’s three women each day. 

Speaking on the campaign, CEO of OCA Jane Hill said purchasing a pair of Overies is an easy way to support those suffering with ovarian cancer. 

"Overies are the most powerful undies someone can buy, and the functional way to donate.

"By purchasing a pair, you not only get new undies, but you’re supporting the thousands of Australian women living with this horrific disease.

"This year, we’re aiming to raise more than $200,000 so, us your Overies," she said. 

Funds raised will be used to increase support and care for women living with ovarian cancer and their families, by giving all Australians impacted by ovarian cancer access to specialist ovarian cancer nurses.

Keep It Cleaner co-founder Laura Henshaw added that she has become a staunch advocate for raising awareness of ovarian cancer and its impacts. 

"I truly believe that once you hear the shocking statistics, you’ll realise buying a new pair of undies is the easiest thing to do.

"Likewise, for me the longer I work with OCA and learn more about the cause, the more passionate I become to spread the word," she said. 

The Overies are available in both women's and men's styles and sizes and will retail for $14. 

The OCA is encouraging Aussies to get their Overies in time for World Ovarian Cancer day on May 08. 


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