The collective value of Australian wardrobes is estimated to be $76 billion with $29 billion worth of unworn garments, according to research commissioned by eBay Australia.

Some 30% of Australians reported that half their wardrobe is made of pre-loved fashion and accessories, with 45% claiming they had increased their purchase of pre-loved fashion in the past two years.

Lonergan research commissioned by eBay Australia surveyed 1,100 Australians over the age of 18 in April.  

Gen Z were reported as the biggest spenders, with an average wardrobe value of $8,003 at double the national average of around $3,860. Despite having a wardrobe worth thousands, survey respondents estimated they wore less than two-thirds of their wardrobe. 

The research claimed those who sell clothes they no longer wear (25%) make an average of $1,231.

“We’re seeing Australians invest in pre-loved luxury items made from high-quality materials, with Aje, Scanlan Theodore, and Zimmermann consistently in our top search terms across eBay," eBay Australia head of fashion Brooke Eichhorn said. 

Zimmermann, Camilla and Scanlan Theodore are also among the top selling luxury brands on eBay Australia. Meanwhile, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Prada ranked highest for international brands in 2022. 

Aje, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Scanlan Theordore, and Zimmermann items were searched every two minutes on the platform last year. The Aje Capucine T-Shirt, Camilla & Marc Marquez Maxi Dress and Zimmermann dresses were the most-viewed fashion items.

The most expensive pre-loved fashion accessory sold on eBay was a ‘PVC Patent Calfskin Patent Lambskin Small CC Vanity Case Pink from Chanel’ for over $4,500 in 2022.

The most expensive pre-loved fashion clothing item sold in 2022 on eBay was a ‘Multicolour Embellished Tweed from the Chanel Resort 2016 collection’ for over $5,500.

Afterpay Australian Fashion Week delegates will be offered the opportunity to try on luxury pre-owned items at the event. The eBay Pre-Loved Runway will be available for free during the course of the week.

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