Australian biomaterials company Nanollose has received its first purchase order for its Nullarbor forest-friendly fibre. 

The purchase order was for 340 kilograms of Nanollose's Nullarbor-20 fibre, made by Turkish denim manufacturer Orta Anadolu Ticaret Ve Sanayi İşletmesi T.A.Ş (Orta).

The fibre will be shipped immediately from the batch produced during the company’s recent third pilot spin with Birla Cellulose - a global fibre production company.

Orta has a total production capacity of 35 million metres of denim per annum. It currently supplies denim internationally to luxury brands, leading denim brands and retail brands. 

Orta has around 1,500 employees.

The order follows an initial collaboration agreement between Nanollose and Orta, which resulted in Nullarbor-20 fibre being incorporated into samples of Orta’s denim fabric and jeans. 

Nanollose executive chairman Dr Wayne Best said this initial purchase order is an important development for the company.

“While the total dollar value is not material, securing our first order from a large manufacturer is, and demonstrates the commercial potential of Nullarbor,” Dr Best said. “We are confident that as the fibre is used it will generate further demand and revenue growth. 

“We look forward to ongoing collaborations with Orta and other partners as we roll out Nullarbor to an industry eager for sustainable solutions.”

Orta supplies to major luxury brands including Armani, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney and Isabel Marant, as well as Levi’s, Lee, Wrangler, Tommy Hilfiger and H&M. 

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