Inner West Independent MP Pauline Lockie has successfully passed a motion in favour of prohibiting the sale of animal fur and exotic skin products on Council property.

It passed with near-unanimous support, with only one vote against.

Four Paws Australia executive Elise Burgess praised the move.

“We are thrilled that the Inner West council will now review its market and event application forms and guidelines to prohibit these sales,” she said. 

Sydney Council and Canterbury Council have also passed motions supporting the banning of fur, exotic skins and exotic animal products.

Although there is no large-scale fur farming in Australia, fur products continue to enter the market, including fur used in trims, cheap clothing, souvenirs, children’s toys and even as so-called faux fur. 

In 2019, Four Paws carried out a joint investigation with the Animal Justice Party in Victoria, making the alarming discovery that faux fur contained real animal fur, from raccoon dogs and other animals.

“Four Paws is urging Australians to call on Premiers Gladys Berejiklian and Daniel Andrews to lead the way, and make their states the first to ban the sale of fur," Burgess said. 

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