Australian consumers search for terms related to 'second hand' 20,230 times per month according to research from OnBuy. 

Utilising keyword explorer software, the online marketplace obtained the search volumes related to 'second-hand/resale' terms from 13 different countries. 

Leading the charge for second-hand searches is the United States, clocking up 955,000 searches per month, followed by Germany at 338,640 while the UK rounds out the top three at 103,240 searches per month. 

Source: OnBuy

According to the research, New Zealanders search for second-hand items the least out of the 13 countries tracked, recording 6,750 searches in a month. 

The research also looked at searches which may indicate an intent to visit a second-hand store, tracking terms 'second-hand shops/flea markets near me.' 

According to the findings Australians searched for terms related to second-hand stores 'near me' 5,780 times in a month. 

Source: OnBuy

The research was released on September 02. 

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