Heidi Middleton's Artclub has been named in Net-A-Porter's latest Vanguard Collection. In discussion with the eTailer, Middleton details the sustainable business model she uses. 

I wanted to support local industry and make within my country and have less carbon footprint worldwide.

We have great resources here and I wanted to bring that back into the country.

In the old model... it would take six months to go from design and concept into production and that didn’t feel great either, it didn’t feel so spontaneous and fresh so I thought why not try and access beautiful remnant fabric from amazing mills around the world.

The fabric was immediately available, it was stunning, it was essentially waste that would have gone into landfill.

At the moment we use 90% remnant fabric, the garments are all made in limited runs and that’s all determined by the fabric that I can access.

Sometimes I can make 15 of one blouse or I can make 50 and that also creates a bit of exclusivity around each piece.

Rather than having huge collections dropping in these seasonal drops, I like the idea of having constant rolling evolving product.

Transparency and circular fashion [are the future of sustainability].

Reusing excess and waste at every touch point of the brand and making sure you’re enhancing the planet rather than taking away.

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