• Arnsdorf

Arnsdorf is joining the fight against COVID-19 with its production force.

Scanlan Thedore and Nobody are among brands using their own factories to create medical garments for front line workers.

Melbourne-based Arnsdorf founder Jade Sarita Arnott is also part of the movement.

“Our mission has always been to keep the people creating our garments safe and we've achieved this by taking control of our supply chain and manufacturing almost all of our products from our factory in Collingwood.

“However the current situation is increasingly placing our staff across our factory and stores at risk, not to mention our clients.

“The health and safety concerns of all our staff and our entire community far outstrips the current need to manufacture fashion and sell face to face.

“We've always believed in the transformative power of fashion to change women's lives. In all transparency, retail fashion is not worth the risk right now and now is the time to shift our focus.”

The brand has closed its national store network in line with other major brands and retailers.

Arnott said the current focus is on medical garment production.

“We are currently in talks with the Australian Government, through our partner Ethical Clothings Australia, to see if we can redirect our manufacturing efforts towards the production of medical clothing and essential items, which we believe are a much worthier risk to take during this time.”

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