Alice McCall has launched a Chinese digital platform in response to growing demand. 

The website has launched on the WeChat platform, with the designer identifiying it as the most effective way to tap in to the Chinese market.

"The demand for the brand in the Chinese market is definitely apparent and I’m always keeping them in mind when designing ensuring that a component of my collections aligns with this market," she said.

"20% of our sales in Australia come from Chinese consumers and 20% of our retail revenue comes through Chinese payment options such as AliPay and WeChat Pay."

The brand will also have a social media profile on WeChat, as well as utilising Weibo for its launch and Little Red Book shortly after. 

Transactions from Chinese customers are  double their average transaction value, with McCall reinventing her best-selling $450 Zen Dress in pastel colours specifically for Chinese consumers.

"We are excited to tap in to the social media realm within the Chinese market and be a lot more present across digital marketing," McCall said.

"Also working with Chinese influencers that have over 10 million followers and incredible reach for us is great to support our WeChat website and success in this market."

McCall trademarked the business in China in 2016 and launched her first boutique there in the north-eastern city of Dalian.

"Having the franchise store there allowed us to lay down the foundation for us to trade through China and set up the infrastructure to open up a Chinese ecommerce site," she said. 

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