Australian business Manrags has launched Australia's first sock-focused recycling program, encouraging and rewarding consumers who recycle their socks. 

To recycle old socks from any brand, consumers purchase a $2 biodegradable bag from Manrags and fill it with up to 10 pairs, or 20 single socks and return it to Australia Post.

Manrags covers the cost of shipping and participants will be given $20 credit to Manrags to purchase new socks. 

The donated socks will be upcycled, laundered and donated to people in need overseas as socks cannot be donated in Australia. 

Pairs that are too far gone will be recycled into new textiles such as t-shirts, underwear and beanies. 

In a statement, Manrags said that it has had an overwhelming response to the program since it launched. 

"When Michael and Tina Elias put a recent call out for consumers to return their old socks to them for upcycling, they never expected to be inundated with thousands of pairs of socks.

"But that’s exactly what happened – in the last 18 days, it’s estimated that they’ve sent enough satchels out to consumers to fit close to 50,000 pairs of socks and counting.

"By offering their community the chance to return their old or unwanted socks, Manrags will save them from ending up in landfill and will instead up-cycle or recycle them into new textiles," the statement said. 

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