Catchers Coats, Jumbo Ugg and Danny's Knitwear are the latest brands to join a push for onshore manufacturing.

Queen Victoria Market and the Australia Made Campaign have joined forces to spotlight brands which produce locally.

The campaign profiles and celebrates Australian products in the market’s general merchandise area.

Traders who make or sell certified Australian-made products will be able to display the well-known Australian Made kangaroo branding at their market stall and through online marketing channels.

Here are the three fashion brands in focus:

David Kiper - Catchers Coats

  • David Kiper and his wife Sally are second generation traders at the market and have been at it for 43 years.
  • Fabrics are sourced from Italy and all are produced in Australia which is becoming increasingly difficult as the skill set is diminishing but they're determined to keep it alive.
  • They've gathered together tailors (mostly of Italian decent) who are "still remnants of the good old days," as David puts it.
  • 50% of David's customers are return clientele because of this key point of difference.

Chien Nguyen - Jumbo Ugg

  • One of the most iconic items to pick up at the Victoria Market.
  • Has manufactured ugg boots in Melbourne since 1989: " quality and reasonable price compared to some big brands from America," as Chien puts it."You want special food like duck you go to Beijing. You want ugg boots, you go to Australia."

Ariel Lewin - Danny's Knitwear

  • Second generation trader, dad Danny started the business in 1979.
  • Ariel says Australian Made is important because "it keeps jobs within Australia and you know you get a well-made garment... you know there's positive feedback when you see the returning customers come every six months, every year."
  • Danny says, "What I like most about the market is that relationship between customer(s) and myself. You know, I get to know them by name because I already have second and third generation coming and buying from me." He adds, "The Market is in my blood already and I hope that more generations of my family will continue working here."


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