Activewear label 2XU has partnered with Kingswood College to create a new activewear school uniform. 

The Australian school first will see Kingswood phase out the traditional blazer and school tie in favour of breathable polos, compression tights and lightweight pants and shorts. 

The uniform comes as the World Health Organisation warns that more than 89% of young Australians are not getting the recommended daily dose of activity. 

The new uniform also forms part of the school's 'Future Learning' model, helping to recognise and nurture a student's holistic health to support an increased capacity to learn. 

Principal Elisabeth Lenders said that the introduction of the new uniform will allow students to exercise whenever they like throughout their school day, not just when they have it scheduled.  

"Poor physical health can lead to an increased risk of developing mental health problems and poor mental health can negatively impact on physical health.

"The new Kingswood wardrobe will allow kids to be prepared to be physically active at any point in time. Not just when it’s timetabled. 

"The challenge of engaging young people in regular physical activity is not new and is now more important than ever - it is vital that school systems begin to address the fundamental issues of wellbeing for young people," she said. 

2XU CMO Luke O’Shea added that the new uniform will cater to a diverse range of ages and bodies.

"When we met the team at Kingswood, we were inspired by their vision and the positive impact they wished to make on their students but also the wider education system. 

"The team have looked to bring our core performance elements along with key requirements of durability and comfort that has allowed us to develop a truly innovative clothing range for all ages and bodies," he said. 

The new Kingswood x 2XU uniform will be phased in from the start of the 2021 school year. 

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