Nasty Gal has unveiled its first official capsule collection under its sustainability initiative, All Things Considered. 

Speaking to Ragtrader, Nasty Gal commercial director Kelly Byrne said while the program is a global initiative, the business will ensure that it educates its Australian customers about its sustainable attributes and goals. 

"In our latest customer research, to which we received over 14,000 responses, our customers tell us that environmental claims can be confusing and so we’re committed to giving clear and honest information to help them make informed choices that are right for them.

"From how are clothes are made to what they are made from and how to take care of them so that they can be cherished for longer," she said. 

The new All Things Considered (ATC) capsule collection features recycled, upcycled or vintage fabrics, organic cotton garments and recycled metals across clothing, jewellery and swimwear. 


The ATC Edit builds on the Boohoo Group's wider sustainability goals, Byrne added. 

"The Boohoo Group recently launched a brand new sustainability strategy, in which we have set ourselves a series of challenging targets, which we have published so we can be held account for our progress.

"We are a global eTailer and so we use our size and scale to align across all of our markets and accelerate the pace of change, which drives benefits to all the areas of the world where we do business.

"We have set some ambitious goals and our teams are working hard to achieve them.

"As part of our wider team strategy within the Boohoo Group, our mission includes the following goal: all the materials we use in our garments will be more sustainable by 2030, and by 2025 all polyester and cotton materials will be more sustainably sourced.

"Solutions to these complex challenges require collaboration which is why we are delighted with the response from our existing and new suppliers to help us identify innovative solutions to achieve this target.

"We are also an active member of the sustainable apparel coalition and a proud signatory of Textiles 2030," she said. 

The 159-piece ATC collection is available to Australian consumers now and retails for between $8 and $57.60. 

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