• Kimberley Sara - image via Instagram
    Kimberley Sara - image via Instagram

Stylist Kimberley Sara wraps up the top fashion trends of 2021. 

Remember when we all breathed a collective sigh at the end of 2020 and looked ahead to 2021 as our saving grace…and then it just, well, wasn’t?

What. A. Year.

We experienced similar challenges to the year prior but with an almost drawn out exhaustion that brought us to a complete halt.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom.

We walked, we chilled, we embraced the slow pace and our lives became more considered, because for the first time in a long time…we actually had time.

This abundance of hours spent at home allowed us to carefully curate our lives, rid ourselves of that which no longer served us and find the balance we all desperately crave.

Our wardrobes were no exception.

So just what made the cut, what was deemed irrelevant and what stole our hearts in 2021?

Chunky Sandals

Ugly teva’s became cool, didn’t you know?

Those chunky, outdoor summer sandals from your Kathmandu loving Dad’s wardrobe (or was that just me?) were in and didn’t our feet thank us for it.

Of course they have been spruced up with beautiful leathers, but the concept remains the same – solid sole, comfortable, thick strapped practicality, yes please shoe gods. 

Matching Sets

Is it a bird or is it a place…is it PJs, or is it street wear, or is both?

Ahhh bless the matching set, we love that go anywhere, do anything ease and the cost per wear benefits of a set which does both.

From chic button up shirts with matching flared lounge pants, to cute playsuit-esque shorts and tops, the matching set was a big hit this year and is only growing in popularity.

Retailers such as Best&Less have recently come out with a range of affordable and fashion-forward matching sets, with options in black, white, khaki and pink. 

Bras Be Gone

The bra will likely never become obsolete, we all need that support depending on bust size, but the move away from constricted garments extended all the way down to our underwear this year.

That very round, t-shirt style of bra is no longer essential as we embrace the natural shape of the bust and start to experiment with tops which do not require anything underneath, whether that be carefully tailoring, built in support or a ribbed fabric which holds the shape in place, we embraced all the different ways we could go bra fee. 

And lastly… anything EXTRA!

In the last year we have seen the world embrace anything funky, whether that’s chunky jewellery, bright colours, crazy patterns, or anything with sparkles.

Having spent so much time inside, it made us to truly miss getting dressed up [it surely isn’t just me?!].

It has allowed us all to embrace our inner child and find a unique way to express ourselves to the world without having to use any words.

And isn’t that the point of fashion!

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