Just what men need: vac-pac daks

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NATIONAL: It seems a fair bet that Aussie males unfairly trapped by the "Akubra hat and Blundies" stereotype will fervently embrace a label promising customised underpants.
Recently launched on these shores, cult fashion label DT Clothes claims to be the only company to offer fully personalised underwear, meaning Aussie boys of all ages can now But the surprises don't end there. DT Clothes was in fact created by Australians David Tomkinson and Mark Bradbury in June 2003, who employed a quirky strategy by initially launching the range in the UK and US, where DT's unique branding was most likely to be a hit with "metrosexuals".
"We were bored with the selection of men's underwear available so we decided to create a style of underwear for men that were more fashion oriented. That's how DT Clothes was created," DT joint managing director and creator David Tomkinson said.
"We vacuum pack DT Underwear in really cool 'bacon rasher' type packaging. Not only does it look fantastic, but it also keeps your new DTs fresh."
Taking its style cues from "groovy 1970's simplicity, mixed with Brit Pop, Aussie cool and Brazilian flair", the DT line up is impressive, including low rise briefs, jocks, boxer shorts, tees and tanks made from premium quality 100 per cent cotton fabrics. DT tees sell for around $67, singlets for around $42 and boxers for around $40.
It is believed the DT collection - which currently sells through noted overseas retailers such as UK department store Selfridges and US chain Urban Outfitters - will find its way to comparable stores here, while also selling from its online store.
While Australian men will no doubt be reeling from sensory overload at the sheer choice in this most niche of categories, the rest of their wardrobe also looks set for the DT treatment, with Tomkinson and Bradbury planning to expand into men's clothing including jeans, knitted jackets and footwear over the coming seasons. If the duo's longer term plans to launch a womenswear range are realised, the fairer sex will not be left out in the cold for too long either.
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