• Steve Traplin - General Manager of Catch Marketplace
    Steve Traplin - General Manager of Catch Marketplace

Catch GM of Catch Marketplace Steve Traplin discusses how the business manages deliveries during disruptions. 

The good thing about the marketplace is that our selection of sellers is so broad and we've got multiple sellers about similar products.

So we've been lucky in the sense, that maybe some of our larger sellers have been impacted by the COVID supply chain issues, but we've had other local sellers that pick that up, and they're all ok.

So we've managed to work our way through that quite nicely.

Now, have we had any real impact around Target and their supply chain? We haven't seen a lot.

But we've had a narrow lot of SKUs and we've grown that over time. Plus, the COVID impacts on the supply chain have lessened, so that's a good thing.

Then when we talk about the delivery experience and the last mile, we're always refining that, we're always making that better.

So one of the key things is that: people care about speed, but they don't care about speed all the way through the year.

If I say to you, 'you can purchase this, and we'll deliver in three days,' unless it's for a gift that you need to have tomorrow, or there's something you're doing tomorrow or the next day, most people are okay with three days, as long as it gets delivered in three days.

So what we say and what we do is really critical, that's why we're going to focus on that and continue to focus on that.

Click and collect is another option, because of that convenience, people will - when they do go back to work, and are allowed out and about - be able to pick up their purchase from Target. 

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