Australian media personality Deborah Hutton has created a range of UPF 50+ hats with Australian headwear label Rigon Headwear. 

'Canopy Bay by Deborah Hutton' is the culmination of months of design work and research, and comes after Hutton underwent her second skin cancer surgery to remove two basal cell carcinomas from her face. 

Hutton said she wanted to create the range after learning that the hats she was wearing were not protective enough. 

"The strong Australian UV rays were still penetrating the material. 

"I had just assumed that any hat gave you full protection from the sun. 

"I wanted to make it my mission to share the message that your favourite hat may not be doing its job, and a UPF 50+ material is proven to be more sun protective in blocking the harsh rays of the sun," she said. 

The Canopy Bay hat collection features 16 UPF 50+ hats that have all been made in Australia by Rigon Headwear. 

The range features the patented Flexibraid material - a flexible material which is crush resistant, water-friendly, lightweight and hard wearing - meaning that the hats can be flat packed and still regain shape at the other end. 

In the range, Hutton pays tribute to the late Carla Zampatti, a close friend of hers. 

"There is a stunning wide brim hat ‘Carla’ (pictured) named in memory of designer friend, Carla Zampatti, who sadly passed away while the range was being designed," Hutton said. 

"I wanted to acknowledge her enormous contribution to Australian fashion and felt this was a suitable way to remember her, having known her since I started modelling in the early 80s," she said. 

Canopy Bay by Deborah Hutton is available on the Canopy Bay website and in selected retail stores from today. 

The collection is priced $95.00 to $195.00.

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