Close× CMO Ryan Gracie discusses the online shopping market from Cyber Weekend to Christmas and 2020.

What campaigns did you execute to promote Cyber Weekend 2019 (EDMs, social etc) and which were the most effective?

“Running successful sales campaigns 365 days a year is our bread and butter; is always on. So, when it comes to major sales events such as Cyber Weekend, it becomes less about creating new campaigns and more about re-adjusting existing campaigns to push even harder.

“The number one priority for sales associated with key retail calendar dates, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, is to first ensure that internally, our buyers and our suppliers have sourced and curated the best deals available. When it comes time to promote the event, we utilise all available channels to ensure current and prospective customers are targeted and well aware of the promotion.

"This includes running highly segmented email campaigns, push notifications on mobile apps, updating messaging in SEM, attention grabbing creatives across social, working closely with our affiliate networks, creating clear banners that are used across all platforms, and of course, leveraging our PR team to share targeted deals that will appeal to different shoppers.

"We are everywhere that customers are, but it’s important that we are there when they have intent to buy, and also there to create impulse. SEO was especially strong, with ranking number one for Black Friday.

“It is a combination of all channels that drive people to the site whether we’re hosting a category or industry-specific sales event or not, but at the end of the day, it’s the deals that get people over the line.”

Has the strategy changed from previous years?

“We tweak the strategy, but this is retail. People want great brands at great prices, so that is core to any strategy and it underpins all of our sales events, and Cyber Weekend 2019 was no different; sell amazing products at unmatched prices. It’s all about delivering value to the customer.”

How did Cyber Weekend 2019 compare to the previous year in terms of sales and visits to the site?

“ experienced exponential growth in both sales and visits to the website during Cyber Weekend 2019. The 2019 numbers were a significant increase on the previous year.”

What promotions did you offer?

“Savings of up to 70% off thousands of products, sitewide, as well as heavy discounts on individual products, and savings across specific categories and sub-categories.”

 What were some key selling items or categories during the Weekend?

“Sports Apparel, Technology and Fashion were amongst the top-selling categories during Cyber Weekend 2019. With over two million products on the site, we have a great spread of sales, but the headline categories always over-index during sale periods.”

Geographically, where did a majority of sales and traffic come from?

“As is true for the rest of the year, the majority of sales and traffic for Cyber Weekend 2019 came from Australia’s two major capital cities - Sydney and Melbourne. That being said, also has many loyal customers in regional towns and cities across the states.”

Were the majority of purchases via desktop or mobile?

“The majority of purchases were made via mobile. Sales on the app make up a significant proportion of sales on mobile devices.”

Was Cyber Weekend more popular/busier than the Christmas trading period?

“It is tricky to compare trading during Cyber Weekend and the total Christmas trading period. Christmas trading takes place for many weeks in the lead up to December 25th, whereas Cyber Weekend happens over the course of just four days.

“With that being said, both periods are, and in 2019 were, extremely successful. If we are to look at sales made during a limited period of time - i.e. four days - Cyber Weekend absolutely proves more successful due to the limited time the campaign is live for. On the flip side, the Christmas trading period shows a consistent number of high sales for a longer period of time. It’s also debatable as to whether Cyber Weekend in fact just pulls sales forward. I don’t believe that people suddenly have extra money to spend, they just spend it at a different time. Our job is to ensure they spend it with us on those massive sales days.”

How did you keep the sales momentum going into Christmas and New Year?

“Our momentum strategy remains simple but effective throughout the year; deliver great products at great prices, ensure fast delivery, maintain exceptional customer service, and drive campaigns that reach a large audience. We also have a strict customer onboarding and retention strategy that keeps new and current customers visiting and purchasing on”

When is the next big trading day or event for you?

“With everyday low prices, and a core range of products that appeal to the majority of Australian’s, we would consider every day to be a big one as we continue to experience significant YoY growth. We do like to reward our customers with extra savings and we look to hold even bigger events throughout the year.”


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