"With the pandemic, we re-prioritised and accelerated the key opportunities."

"We knew that to succeed during lockdown, we had to somehow transfer the experience."

"We expect the remaining Myer directors will now indicate their intention to step aside."

The business could a further 250 stores by June next year.

Pejman Okhovat will replace current Big W MD David Walker.

The store opened on the first day of retail reopening in metro Melbourne, following a 112-day lockdown.

The fashion-rental platform will expand its collection to 60,000 articles.

"Music is at the heart of the Superdry brand."

The retailer was subject to investigation last year.

The owners want to invest in another two to three business in the next 12 months.

Eloise Monaghan says she's had enough of $100 tops in floral prints.

The Melbourne CBD is likely to continue to see less daily visitors than before the pandemic - but retailers are fighting back.

The growing retail group has a number of roles across digital and operations.

"Growing up, I never really saw a lot of Asian representation in the media."

The store will officially open tomorrow.