• Honey Birdette
    Honey Birdette

Lingerie label Honey Birdette is being forced to take down or amend store window posters that one complainant has labelled as "porn-inspired" advertising.

It is not the first time Honey Birdette has fielded criticism over its advertising, with Ad Standards revealing 68 other upheld complaints since 2012. The brand has also seen 93 cases dismissed since 2010.

According to the recent complaint, the two store window adverts featured “representations of women in various states of nakedness.”

One advertisement depicted two women in strappy black lingerie, with one woman wearing nipple pasties. The lingerie advert was titled ‘Stephanie Black’

A second advertisement depicted two women in red lingerie, titled ‘Margot’.

“These are porn-inspired ads which feature representations of women in various states of nakedness,” the complaint read. “They do not belong in the public space at family shopping centres where non-consenting community members - including children - are forced to view them.”

In both cases, the Ad Standards determined that the advertisement did not target children and therefore the provisions of the AANA Children’s Advertising Code did not apply. However, it did conclude that both advertisements "did not treat sex, sexuality and nudity with sensitivity to the relevant audience" and had breach Section 2.4 of the AANA Code of Ethics.

"The Panel noted that the AANA Code of Ethics Practice Note indicated that overtly sexual images included those where clothing reveals a large amount of breast, and as such this image would be considered overtly sexual. The Panel considered that the overtly sexual image was not appropriate for the relevant broad audience which would likely include children."

According to Ad Standards, Honey Birdette has not provided a response to the panel’s decision.

Ad Standards will continue to work with the relevant authorities regarding both issues of non-compliance.

Ragtrader has reached out to Honey Birdette for comment.

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