44 Victorian small business owners have come together to voice an open letter to the State Government. 

In an effort to humanise the businesses who suffer under lockdowns with limited or no government support, photographer and Kobey The Label founder Carlz J Söda (Carly Söderström) shared the video compilation to her IGTV. 

The video has resonated with many, clocking up 45,000 views and 358 comments of support in just 16 hours. 

Söderström opens the video with a stern message for the Victorian Government. 

"This video is addressed to Daniel Andrews, James Merlino, Martin Pakula and Jaala Pulford.

"You are meant to represent us as citizens of Victoria and small businesses across the state.

"We’ve been crying out for help for over 12 months and it’s fallen on deaf ears.

"When you finally acknowledge us, you dismiss us as just small operators and offer no support to keep roofs over our heads and food on our tables.

"This video is for you. To humanise the voices you continue to ignore. Whose emails and comments you continue to dismiss.

"To tell you that if you continue these lockdowns we will not survive and that’s on you," she said. 

The compilation then begins with 43 other small business owners introducing themselves and reading the following statement. 

"I am a Victorian small business owner.

"We are the beating heart of our local economy.

"Every lockdown you tell me I’m not essential but you refuse to give me any support.

"Enough is enough.

"We can’t afford to keep doing this.

"We can’t lockdown again and survive." 

Watch the IGTV video here. 


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