Sass Clothing has launched a new venture to assist vulnerable women in hospital and refuge care.

The wholesale fashion company has traded for over 20 years and supplies fashion to boutiques, online stores and Myer.

Following the success of a partnership with the Royal Women's Hospital in Melbourne, it has launched the Betty Cares Foundation.

The Betty Cares Foundation has developed Betty Cares Packs, a canvas drawstring bag with a top, pants and cardigan enclosed inside.

The packs will be donated to vulnerable women in Australia and New Zealand who find themselves in immediate need of comfortable clothing.

The company has been working in partnership with the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne for over one year, donating clothes to their social work and nursing department to gift to vulnerable women in their care.

The women receiving the clothing packs are often victims of difficult situations, such as domestic violence, sexual assault, homelessness, alcoholism and drug addiction.

The Foundation is in the process of securing partnerships with major hospitals around Australia and New Zealand and is actively seeking new healthcare partners to work with on an ongoing basis.

Following the launch, the organisation will donate 5% of its profits from all wholesale sales of its Betty Basics Essentials Range to fund the foundation.

The donation of profits will directly fund the production and distribution of product, as well as the coordination of the Betty Cares Foundation.

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