Mondial by Nadia Neuman has unveiled the next chapter in the brand’s evolution with the introduction of a new sustainable collection – Mandala.

The collection announces the Mondial Group’s intention to become carbon neutral, emphasising its commitment to sustainability.

Stretching back over 50 years and spanning three generations, the Mondial Group is an Australian family owned and operated jewellery business.

The brand’s heritage has been perpetuated by siblings Nadia and Michael Neuman and cousin Jacob Neuman across their two stores: Mondial Pink Diamond Atelier and Mondial by Nadia Neuman.

On behalf of the trio, Nadia says the company’s pursuit for ethical practice is at the heart of the brand’s latest move.

“Jewellery doesn’t have to cost the earth - pun very much intended.

"We want to make a positive impact today and for the future and one of the ways we can do that is through trying to help alleviate climate change in our personal lives as well as our business,” Neuman said.

“The Mondial Group is committed to being carbon neutral. If we can bringJew a little beauty into the world whilst helping to restore the environment simultaneously, then we’re on the right track.”

The Mandala collection includes the brand’s original ‘creation’ piece, commemorating ten years since that first pendulum piece was designed.

The range uses 100 per cent recycled gold and diamonds of Australian origin, with the Mandala collection is firmly in line with the brand’s commitment to neutralise their carbon footprint.

The designs will be launched at an intimate invite-only event in early December with a portion of the proceeds from each sale to be donated to plant trees in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor.

Image via Instagram.

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