• Selected Founders - Jessica Pecoraro and Elliot Garnaut
    Selected Founders - Jessica Pecoraro and Elliot Garnaut

Celebrity stylists Jess Pecoraro and Elliot Garnaut have today launched a new subscription-based, online styling platform, Selected. 

Founded on the basis of consumer education, the platform offers shoppers educational and aspirational footage featuring the pair's tips and tricks alongside an editorial photoshoot to assist with the visualisation of trends, which are entirely shoppable.

Members looking to make purchases inspired by the content will be linked to the brand's website to complete their purchase.  

The tiered subscription service will grant the member exclusive access to 'The Edits.'

The four categories of Edits include: The Calendar Year, Itemised Edits, Traditional Editorial and Celebrity Guest Edits, and offer consumers the experience of celebrity styling online. 

"A game changer for the industry, Selected is the styling intermediary between celebrity and consumer — and one that can be accessed anywhere, at any time, at the click of a button," the business said in a statement. 

"By curating the market, Jess and Elliot offer invaluable insider advice which then enables each member to make it their own, promoting a sense of creativity and individuality.

"Whether it’s solving the age-old date night dilemma, reinventing occasion dressing or getting back to basics — expert styling advice will be delivered to your door (or bed, couch) in easy-to-watch videos that take the guesswork out of, 'what do I wear?'" the business said. 

The launch of Selected follows the events of 2020, which saw large celebrity events cancelled and the need for red-carpet styling put on the back burner. 

"2020 provided a rapidly changing landscape and allowed time for reflection," the business added. 

"Through a mutual understanding and respect of each other’s work, Jess and Elliot forged a friendship that allowed them to work together across different talent and clients.

"Through doing so they recognised that each and every person should have the ability to look and feel the best version of themselves, not just celebrities attending red carpets or events," Selected said. 

Selected memberships start from $29.99 per month. 

The two tiers offer unlimited access to all of the platform's features, while Selected Premium additionally offers exclusive monthly discounts on partnering brands and one interactive live stream with Pecoraro and Garnaut per month. 

High-profile clients between the duo include Delta Goodrem, Rozalia Russian, Pip Edwards and Kate Waterhouse. 

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