Retailers' needs are changing every day and choosing the long-term POS solution is critical for the future of your business. ERPLY talks solutions.

 ERPLY is a cloud-based, iPad-oriented Point of Sale for retailers, with a focus on multi-store operations. With ERPLY, you can manage all areas of your retail organization including point of sale, sales back office, inventory management, employee payroll, accounting, customer CRM, multi-channel/e-commerce and more, in a single integrated system. Get the freedom of mobility with the offline feature and manage your business with real-time synchronization anytime you want.


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Retail Chain Management


ERPLY’s world of many features makes it a perfect partner for fashion retailers and other large retail chains. Save time with the easy to use solutions and run your business efficiently and in style. Centralise your day to day operations in one real time system.


Sell Both Online and Offline


It is costly and often impossible to get your traditional POS, inventory management and ecommerce solutions to work together. ERPLY is built with multi-channel sales in mind. Depending on your needs; you can pick a simple shopping cart solution or fully fledged ecommerce software.


A Middle Ground Between Franchisor and Franchisee


Managing your franchisees can be tricky. As a franchisor, you need as much data from the franchisee as possible. Give them their own instance of ERPLY without sharing any sensitive data between franchisees. Make changes from your head quarters, and your franchisees will synchronise with the changes such as pricing, within minutes.


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