In this new employment series, Frontline Recruitment outlines how to play the waiting game after you've scored an interview.

One of the worst things about a job interview is waiting to hear if you’ve been successful. You need to keep positive, but don’t want to be over-confident. It can be difficult to find the right mindset and not get lost in speculation. Here are five important mistakes to avoid when negotiating the stressful post-interview period.

1. Halting the hunt for jobs in retail

So you thought the interview went really well. This is no reason to call off the search for fulfilling retail jobs. There might be five other candidates who also thought their interview went well – but there’s only one position available. Hedge your bets and continue on with the job hunt. If you get the job all is well, and if you don’t get the job, you haven’t missed a beat.

2. Chasing up too soon

However agonising the wait, don’t be tempted to contact the employer before the deadline is up. If you’ve been told the process will take a fortnight, don’t get itchy feet after the first week. You want to give your potential employer the impression of a calm, collected person who is in control – not someone so impatient they can’t last the distance. The hiring process can often take a lot longer than the company anticipates, so don’t give up hope too soon. If you do have to eventually follow up, do it simply and discreetly. Never bombard the employer with emails or phone calls – it will only harm your chances.

3. Calling their bluff

It’s not a good idea to try and force an employer’s hand. Pretending you’ve been offered another job can backfire on you.
You’re going to be in a dilemma if they tell you no decision has yet been made. If you genuinely are offered another job which is less appealing, by all means contact the hiring manager and explain the situation. There might still be no way of speeding up the decision, but at least you’ve tried.

4. Going missing

Don’t go on a major holiday – especially not a wilderness one – to distract yourself from the wait. If your potential employer can’t get hold of you, they might just assume you’ve given up on the job. Be sure to check email and voicemail daily, and be in a position to respond if you do get a job offer.

5. Losing your cool

Be calm, be patient and keep things in perspective. It’s an interview, and life goes on whether you get this particular job or move on to the next. And if all else fails, remember that a retail recruitment agency can be a great source of jobs and can help advise you through each stage of the process.

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