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Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival's Jacinta Richmond discusses how two swimwear labels are making a difference through their sustainable production processes.

If it’s not recycled ocean waste, then forget it.

A fast growing number of swim brands are making their swimwear from regenerated nylon waste, the likes of which include recycled fishing nets, plastic bottles and post consumer plastic waste captured from the sea, contributing to preserving the globe’s natural resources and reducing the waste in our planets water. Some manufacturers of this fabric conduct a vertical production process. That is, there is full and controlled traceability, resulting in fabrics that meet quality standards.

Two of the hottest sustainable swim labels right now are Native Swimwear Australia and Blaauw by Monica Blaauw. Both of these labels not only use sustainable and ocean friendly fabrics but go further in reducing their carbon footprint by having their garments made in Australia, giving back to the original landowners, and growing veggies.

Native Swimwear Australia (NSA) is an Australian Aboriginal luxurious swimwear label, leading the way in sustainability and fair trade.

A 100% Aboriginally owned and operated company, NSA uses the highest quality sustainable fabrics, making all of their swimwear from regenerated lycra.

Featuring authentic Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander prints, NSA shares the Artist’s dreamtime stories with the world through fashion. Every NSA print is exclusive to NSA through license agreements; NSA embraces Fair Trade principles with monies from each garment going back to the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander artist.

​Each garment has been designed with inspiration from the Aboriginal culture & the experience with the female body changing through motherhood. Some of the swimwear pieces feature weaving, breast & stomach support and movement. Every swimwear piece has a sun protection of UV50+, is chlorine resistant, plus there are mix and match options.

Blaauw by Monica Blaauw, uses only regenerated stretch fabric, commenting that it is so widely available now, why would you use anything else?

The Blaauw focus has been on getting the right fit for the right woman – especially those women with abundant curves. Working on the pattern making end with gusto, it has been a priority for Blaauw to fit all women of all shapes and sizes, with this season launching a well fitting G cup triangle bikini that customers adore and claim provides them with great support.

Handmade in Melbourne, Blaauw is adding to the environmental ethos by introducing ‘seed paper’ on all of Blaauws marketing material, so the customers can plant the ‘paper’ to grow flowers, herbs or vegetables instead of throwing the paper in the bin.

To honour and support the protection of our beautiful oceans, the Sunshine Coast International Fashion Festival has announced that from 2019 onwards, the event will only accept those swim labels who use sustainable fabrics. It is purely about the environment and wishing to take a stand against those swim labels who continue to use fabrics that create more harm to our oceans.
Both Native Swimwear Australia and Blaauw are two of the swim brands who have been accepted to showcase at the 12th annual event.

Sunshine Coast International Fashion Festival
October 18 & 19, 2019
The Sebel Resort, Pelican Waters
Applications to show now open.

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