Fashion Access is a global showcase of the latest collections on bags, footwear, leathergoods, travelware, fashion accessories, leather garments by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) & Original Design Manufacturers (ODM) as well as independent brands.

Wide range of fashion accessories in a professional, business-like atmosphere

Fashion Access displays a wide range of fashion accessories and lifestyle products.

This trade fair has been the leading venue for sourcing fashion accessories while also allowing brands to find OEM’s and ODM’s to outsource their manufacturing.

Fashion Access’ sister fair, Cashmere World completed all four fairs as the only international trade fair dedicated to the cashmere and fine fibre industries.

These two fairs of the APLF group were preceded by brands exhibiting at major department stores and trade fairs throughout the Asia Pacific as a precursor to the actual trade shows in Hong Kong.

The whole APLF event includes a series of seminars and forums that cover topics of interest from manufacturers, designers and distributors as well as retailers.

Innovative year-round promotions and networking events

Following the first edition of the Pop-Up programme last year, we’ve partnered with renowned department stores such as; Takashimaya, Metro, Isetan and Robinsons in Singapore; Siam Paragon and Zen in Thailand; and, Parkson in Malaysia to showcase our designers' collections.

Coming to the second edition of the Pop-Up, fashion catwalks and physical stores will also be included in the programme.

It creates opportunities for designer brands to understand the markets in Asia, allows brands to be visible by showcasing their new collections to fashion buyers in other affiliated trade fairs and directly to consumers in department stores.


Global Executive Footwear Summit (GFES) is a significant event for footwear and retail brands, jointly organised by APLF and the Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America (FDRA).

Offering networking opportunities with industry experts and influential speakers, this important event will take place on 30 March 2020, a day before the start of the APLF.

Sustainable Fashion Conference is tailored for businesses seeking to navigate this movement toward transparency and sustainability, in terms of the environment, social impacts, animal welfare or health.

It will take place on 1 Apr 2020, the second day of the APLF.

Fashion Access is more than just a three-day trade fair! It provides extra promotion opportunities to let you connect with brands, department store buyers and directly to consumers throughout the year.

Fashion Access Goes Green

Sustainability cuts transversally across fashion and all APLF events and it will continue to be the central theme for the 2020 events.

Fashion Access is encouraging all of us to think and 'Feel Green' and this is what the younger millennials and Generation Z are thinking when they buy.

They are looking for something stylish that is well-designed, biodegradable and long-lasting.

Responding to the fast-changing fashion landscape, Fashion Access is evolving into different sustainable fashion events.

For example, Sustainable World is a brand-new sector that will be present at Fashion Access and it will bring you the latest sustainable materials and wellness products.

Look forward to an even greener APLF and Fashion Access in 2020 from 31 March – 2 April, for more details, please visit

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