Frontline discusses how online tools can support bricks-and-mortar businesses. 

So how do you compete online for new business? Easy…don’t.

As an independent retailer with a physical store, a local presence, great staff and existing customers walking through your doors every day, you have a significant advantage over purely online retailers. You are building a potential list of online customers every time you make a sale in-store.

It’s not just about getting a website to attract more customers; it’s about giving your existing customers more options for interacting with and purchasing from your store.

Imagine this: as a customer I purchase from your store and I have a great experience. Then I go home, and you never see me again…

But what if: you took my details during checkout, then as I’m sitting on my couch a week later, I receive an email informing me that you’re having an online sale. I’m already familiar with your business and I had a good experience in your store, so I’ll gladly welcome the opportunity to shop your online sale, and I may even share my experience with my friends.

This is just one example of how the tools of online trading can support your brick-and-mortar business. A pro-active approach toward omni-channel online retailing can yield tremendous results for those who are willing to put in the time and effort.

It’s not about competing, it’s all about the customers. It’s about using technology as a tool; just another medium for providing the same great service you already provide in -store, but in the way that people are coming to expect.

FrontLine provides a competitive business advantage for retailers and suppliers by delivering cost savings, retail and administrative support, digital solutions, and member services including helping stores compete online.

This gives retailers the time to focus more on improving their business, delivering significant benefits whilst lowering their operational costs along the way.

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