Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival's Jacinta Richmond discusses what ready-to-wear really means.

Don’t let the times in fashion confuse you. Ready-to-Wear does not have to mean fast fashion. It simply means, you purchase it off the rack (or online for all of you cyber shoppers) and it is ready for you to wear it. No special fittings, no massive time delays. You buy it, you wear it.

While this is description is also relevant to fast fashion, it is also very relevant to investment pieces. Purchase and wear immediately, but the style, cut, colour and quality also means you will be wearing them for many years to come.
Take Australian household name, Nicola Finetti. Ready-to-Wear but the craftsmanship and styles also mean they are investment pieces. As I like to say, “I will be rockin’ my Nicola pieces when I am 85 years old”. Cut and Quaility, Ready to Wear. Australian made.

Then you have the fastest growing online retailer in Australia. Billy J Boutique is most definitely Ready-to-Wear and most definitely Fast Fashion, but if you look closely, some of their available items are also investment pieces (without the price tag), these pieces meet high quality standards and cuts that are classic.

Lucy and Loo Convertible Wear is another Ready-to-Wear label that will also save you money in both the short and long term. Just one garment can be worn 50 different ways, covering Ready-to-Wear, Day Wear, Evening Wear, Travel Wear, Resort Wear and even Bridal Party Wear. With the versatility of just one garment, you can change up your looks to suit your maturing mindset and body. Australian made too.

Roehma Cinta Batik is also another to keep your eye on. Hand dyed, natural fibres, natural plant dyes, it is certainly not fast fashion. But it is Ready-to-Wear. This Indonesian label is both sustainable, ethical and ready to wear, plus the cuts, colours and small runs along with quality workmanship make this Ready-to-Wear label, investment dressing too.

Nicola Finetti returns for his 5th year in a row to the 12th annual Sunshine Coast International Fashion Festival and was this year made industry ambassador after having “borrowed” a festival team shirt from back of house in 2018 and wearing it all over Sydney and on his international travels. On why he returns to the event Nicola Finetti says “The Sunshine Coast International Fashion Festival is a great marketing opportunity which is why I show every year. The team do a very professional job and as a designer I also get to see my collection on the runway.”

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