The Sale That Stops a Nation is upon us, with Click Frenzy 2019 busting the internet from 7pm Tuesday, November 12th.

With over 400 participating retailers already confirmed, it’s going to be huge and the good news is there is still time to get on board!

Only approved participating retailers are able to leverage the Click Frenzy brand, which is proven to deliver monster results for retailers each year.

One brand saw an incredible 1100% week on week uplift in web traffic during Click Frenzy’s May event! So, how do participating retailers take maximum advantage?

Here are a few key tips direct from Click Frenzy.

1: Balance Broad Offers with Deep Specials

What is the perfect Click Frenzy ‘deal’? That is a tough question we are asked constantly.

The answer is, it varies wildly between retail brands – a 70-80% off deal is a no-brainer, clearly, but for some retailers who are never on sale, a 10% off sitewide offer can work wonders.

Ultimately, having produced over 20+ Click Frenzy events, our data shows that the best campaigns are a combination of broad offers so there is something for everyone (eg. 15% off storewide), in combination with some deeper offers on a specific category or product line (eg. 60% off jeans, only while stocks last).

2: Less is More When It Comes to Clicks

The worst thing you can do is blow some of that digital marketing expense by forcing shoppers, excited by your offer on, to ‘hunt’ for the deal when they arrive at your website.

The most successful campaign executions utilise a Click Frenzy landing page or landing pages, featuring the Click Frenzy trademark on the destination page (Note: trademark only available to license for premium advertisers).

Don’t point the frenzied user to the home page or require them to make multiple clicks to find the deal on offer. Make use of the Click Frenzy brand which is a proven conversion driver – let those shoppers know they’re in the right place for the ultimate bargain!

3: The Bigger the Campaign, the Better the ROI

Click Frenzy offers entry level packages for retailers, but over the years there can be no doubt that a strong campaign delivers exponentially better ROI than a ‘dipping a toe in the water’ exercise.

Taking advantage of the premium positions allows participating Click Frenzy retailers to better leverage the overall Click Frenzy media activity and drive maximum results.

Greater coverage on the site enables more frequent exposure to qualified, frenzied shoppers to significantly increase the click through rate.

That said, there’ll be plenty of action during Click Frenzy at the entry level, but history shows the return on advertising spend increases on average with more campaign activity.

4: Consider the ‘Other Than Purchasing’ Desirable Actions

Record sales days are a natural goal of any retailer participating in a Click Frenzy event, but we see a lot of missed opportunity for retailers to capitalise in other ways.

With a spike in new visits to your online store environment, make sure you set up appropriately with calls to action to not only make purchases, but join loyalty programs, subscribe to customer lists, follow social media, interact with partners, etc.

You may not always get a sale from a visitor, but you want to give yourself every opportunity to add that visitor to your prospective customer pool.

Also, make sure you have the appropriate tags in place on your site ahead of time to build a digital audience of visitors to your site – you don’t want to lose that invaluable customer data with a big influx of visitors like Click Frenzy generates.

5: Nail the Post-Purchase Experience

Click Frenzy will deliver a great many new customers, frenzied up and ready to shop with you. Don’t let them down!

Make sure you stock up appropriately, and that the deals on offer aren’t restricted to a few remaining stock items where shoppers will be disappointed. Scale up the warehouse team appropriately (your Click Frenzy account manager can assist with expected volumes) and be ready to deliver to consumers on time.

Identify those new customers and make sure you have a follow-up plan once they have made that precious first-time purchase – you don’t want to end Click Frenzy with a bunch of one-hit wonder customers, so focus on how you can turn them from first-timers into life-timers with exceptional customer support, repeat purchase incentives, loyalty and promotions.

Want to know more? Join the Frenzy at – hurry, as the Sale That Stops A Nation begins at 7pm AEDT, November 12th, 2019.

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