StyleCAD the number one Pattern Making, Pattern Grading and Marker Planning System discusses its technology.

StyleCAD helps thousands of companies world-wide, and is also the most popular Fashion and Apparel CAD system here in Australia, helping hundreds of companies, for over 20 years.

StyleCAD turns hours of work into minutes.

From designing high-end fashion, through to planning the most efficient t-shirt markers.

StyleCAD is even helping to produce carpet panels for our leading airline company.

If there’s a shape to be designed and cut, be it from a roll of fabric (or carpet), or a sheet of neoprene for a made to measure wetsuit, StyleCAD is there helping all companies to be as efficient and productive as possible.

For overseas manufacturing, StyleCAD’s DXF format is emailed to companies everywhere, keeping local quality and cost effective production.

StyleCAD offers the easiest to use, yet most powerful and useful features, not found in any other apparel CAD program.

Over the years many companies and colleges that use to use other CAD systems have changed to StyleCAD, with comments from these companies such as; "When we were using a different CAD system we discovered StyleCAD, a program which offered advanced pattern making features with an intuitive interface and myriad of import and export options which allowed us to communicate more easily with other software programs. We quickly realised it would be in our best interest to convert our many workstations to StyleCAD’s exciting pattern making solution. Our employees love using StyleCAD and we love their new levels of productivity."

"StyleCAD has been a game changer for our business. It is user-friendly, comprehensive and has become the engine of our company. Our team got up and running quickly and we have never looked back."

2D to 3D is now offering StyleCAD customers the option to see their 2D patterns come to life, draped onto a life sized avatar, in colours and fabrics that will be used on the actual sewn garments.

StyleCAD Systems can be found helping everyone from a one person business working from home, up to the largest fashion companies.

To find out how much a StyleCAD system can help your business, email Call 02 97644455 or visit us at

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