Fashion Access displayed a wide range of finished products such as handbags, bags, wallets, travel items, garments, footwear and other fashion accessories.

This trade fair has been the leading venue where to source fashion accessories and at the same time for brands to find OEM’s and ODM’s to outsource their manufacturing.

The products on show were all of excellent manufacturing quality without reaching the luxury tier.

This year there were 230 exhibiting companies from 17 countries and regions including 10 group pavilions from Bangladesh, 5 from China, Georgia (Rep of), India & 2 from Japan. New exhibitors came from Australia, China, Georgia (Rep of), Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore & USA.

Fashion Access’ sister fair, Cashmere World completed all four fairs as the only international trade fair dedicated to the cashmere and fine fibre industries. These two fairs of the APLF group were preceded by brands exhibiting at major department stores and trade fairs throughout Asia Pacific as a precursor to the actual trade shows in Hong Kong. These shows are called Pop Up by Fashion Access and allowed brands to generate interest to consumers and possible trade representatives as a form of “pre-show marketing.”

The whole APLF event counted on the support of a series of seminars and forums that covered topics of interest from manufacturers, designers and distributors as well as retail traders. Among them, the Global Executive Footwear Summit (GFES) was held jointly organised by APLF and the Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America (FDRA).

This important meeting of the footwear sector took place on March 12, a day before the start of the APLF. It dealt with topics such as Innovation, production, supply chain management and retailing.

Both footwear retailers, brands, manufacturers, traders in general and the media in the sector were able to obtain very valuable information regarding decision-making in the business of the main names of the footwear industry.
The slogan of the Summit was "Agility in Action" and brought to the forefront the sustainability of footwear, production technology and retail technology, with the support of specialised speakers.

This edition of the fair attracted around 8,000 visitors from 77 countries and regions whose job descriptions included agents, buying offices, department stores, distributors, importers, private labels, representatives of fashion brands, retailers & boutique buyers and wholesalers.

Buyers were able to browse, consult and negotiate in modern surrounding conducive to doing business in Hong Kong where there are no import or export taxes and a free currency exchange system.

Sustainability Rules!
With sustainability uppermost in the mind of the fashion world as a whole, Fashion Access is encouraging its exhibitors to think and “Feel Green” and this is what the younger millennials and more so Generation Z are thinking when they buy, for example, a casual bag. They simply do not want to walk around with a piece of synthesized petroleum hanging on their shoulder but want something stylish that is well-designed, biodegradable and will not contribute to the “plastic soup” that is prejudicing the planet’s marine life and by extension humans who feed further down the food chain.
Sustainability cuts transversally across fashion and all APLF events and it will continue to be the central theme for the 2020 events. Linking the sustainability chain together is the APLF Materials+ Community - a programme of identification and recognition of sustainable exhibitors to enhance the “APLF Moving Towards Sustainability” programme and help promote those exhibitors to buyers.

Finally, the “Feel Green@APLF Community”, a digital activation campaign online, is to be implemented to promote sustainable exhibitors at all APLF fairs and develop a green community for the industries served by APLF.

Look forward to an even Greener APLF and Fashion Access in 2020 from March 31 – April 2, for more details, please visit

What Exhibitors’ Said:
Atelier Aknas, Thailand
“We met a number of wholesalers from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China and UK. The visitor traffic is better than last year.”

Katya Komarova, Australia
“I can definitely see the value of being showcased at Fashion Access. Although, I am still to learn whether it brought new buyers but I can definitely say there have been a great number of opportunities for emerging labels like mine. Some of those are pop-up shops and business matching services as well as best design competition.”

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