For one particular multi-brand streetwear retailer, Facebook converts at $1.80. So for an investment of $100, they are seeing 40 – 50 sales via Facebook marketing alone. The Thoughtful Agency founder Prav De Silva tackles eCommerce performance marketing.

It’s no secret consumers are more distracted and more demanding than ever.

They’re more difficult to engage and when they do, expect an emotional connection with purchase, please.

The more we interact with people, the more we get to know them, a fact that translates from face-to-face to click-to-cart. Curate content and fuel your consumer’s journey online, create that emotional connection we all seek.

What stimulates a person to purchase, what time are they typically online, which influencers do they react to?

But not all your buyers are the same, right?

Two people may purchase the same style of denim in the same size at the same time on a Friday night, but one may have shopped with you five times that same month (or week!) while the other may be returning from a six month brand hiatus.

Segment your content accordingly.

From the tried and tested EDM to social posts and affiliate marketing, target your audience effectively; categorise your database.

Mr Loyal in this situation should receive news on your new season drop, as he’s obviously more likely to buy, whereas Mr. Hiatus should hear more on last season’s (current sale) – he needs a little more incentive to add to cart.

Brands need to spend time allocating digital resources on creating an emotional connection prior to the consumer entering the e-com environment.

The ability for brands to understand buyer’s behavior with the aim of leveraging the 55% to 60% of sales generated by mobile consumption.

It comes as no surprise then, that social media and e-com teams are now the engine room for fashion brands both aspiring and established.

And the results speak for themselves.

The content marketing approach for brands takes on a “always on approach” with capsule shoots featuring influencers and emerging creative talent.

Yes the big seasonal campaigns are important however a constant product story to tell on Instagram and Facebook through imagery, videos, influencer partnerships and experiential elements are what keeps the brand engaged on newsfeed.

For one particular multi-brand streetwear retailer, Facebook converts at $1.80.

So for an investment of $100, they are seeing 40 – 50 sales via Facebook marketing alone.

For the same client, affiliate marketing is amounting up to $40k in sales per month - a quantifiable return quickly surpassing the ROI of a monthly PR retainer.

E-Com Marketing Via Social:

The playing of two roles – brand profile and driving sales – e-com via social is a game of consistency and should be measured weekly.

PR budgets and showroom retainers are being increasingly re-directed and invested into e-com – ROI-focused media spend measureable on a daily basis.

Brands taking their e-com seriously should look to spend around $300 - $400 in targeted spend across Facebook and Instagram, weekly.

Statistics tell us 70% of your social audience do not see your Facebook or Instagram posts in their news feeds.

That’s 70% of missed to engage.

In my experience, it's important to understand Facebook algorithms and importantly how to make them work in favor of your brand.

Targeted social advertising is providing strong results at between $1.80 - $4.90 per acquisition.

Infiltrate your brands social feeds with strategically placed posts and drive traffic back to your site.

98 – 99 of every 100 visitors leave your site without purchase, that’s a 1% - 2% conversion rate.

Leave your audience digital reminders and increase online sales.

But why leverage your brand’s online platforms alone?

A multi touch point digital approach is the answer.

Affiliate marketing facilitators Commission Factory are effectively printing money for brands like yours, as we speak. Brand Sign up to the platform for $199 per month and upload a variation of bespoke sales-driven creative incentives.

From here, Commission Factory’s 27,000 affiliate members including Shop Style, Click Frenzy and Mammamia view your custom deals before seeking approval to utilize across respective sites.

Commission Factory takes a small cut (2.5%) while tracking exactly where each click and resulting purchase comes from.

Affiliate Marketing Matters:

Affiliate marketing platforms are a great environment to drive new customer acquisition while exposing them to sale product.

Promotions which work well on affiliate are Spend n Save and Flash Sales – promoted to an affiliate audience only.

Numbers tell a story, and while a layered strategy is paramount to digital performance marketing – ad targeting groups, daily spend limits, avoiding creative fatigue, affiliate marketing management and campaign optimization across Google and Facebook – it’s the execution, testing and importantly data analysis that really pushes results.

It is all these elements combined with creative ingenuity that truly drives incremental sales growth up to 20% - 30% month-on-month.

The two key takeaways from all of this are:

  • Creative is King when digitally optimised and analysed.
  • The e-com manager and their online teams are now the engine room for fashion brands, a contrast to three to four years ago when they were the new members to the business playing multiple roles of customer service and social media.

 The Thoughtful Agency is a consultancy firm. 

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